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Thu 9 May 2019by Duncan Heaney
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Battalion 1944

Battalion 1944: Eastern Front launches May 23, 2019

Classic World War II multiplayer shooter leaves Early Access, joins the Eastern Front

We’re excited to announce that multiplayer shooter Battalion 1944 is about to leave Steam Early Access!

Battalion 1944: Eastern Front will launch in full this month - May 23, 2019, to be precise.

And precision’s extremely important in this particular game. Unlike most modern competitive shooters, Battalion 1944: Eastern Front evokes the feeling of classic World War II FPS games by paring things down the essentials.

There are no perks or kill streaks to fall back on here - you have to rely entirely on the fluid movement system and your own skills to take you to victory.

Take a look at the trailer:

The full release of Battalion 1944: Eastern Front expands the game dramatically. Developer Bulkhead Interactive has added a wealth of new content, including a whole new faction: Russia.

The game also features 3 brand new maps, set in Russia, France and Italy.

There are new features too, including a new game mode, a match replay system, community modding and more. All this is supported by a layer of additional polish, including stability, performance and gameplay improvements.

One particular feature worth calling out is that Battalion 1944: Eastern Front will be integrated into the FACEIT platform - a global platform that supports matchmaking, leaderboards, rankings and more.

The integration will make it faster and easier to get into matches, see your stats, and compare yourself to friends and rivals alike.

Battalion 1944: Eastern Front launches on Steam very soon - May 23, 2019. To stay up to date on the game, you should follow Square Enix Collective on social media:

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