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Thu 23 May 2019by Duncan Heaney
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Battalion 1944

Battalion 1944: Eastern Front is out now

Multiplayer World War II shooter leaves Early Access with new content and features.

Battalion 1944 is out of Early Access today, and will available on Steam alongside a major update: Battalion 1944: Eastern Front.

When we say ‘major update’, we mean it. The new release adds a huge amount to the competitive online shooter, including the highly anticipated Russian faction, new weapons, new maps, matchmaking powered by FACEIT and more.

The game will be playable from 5pm today:

What is Battalion 1944: Eastern Front?

Developed by Bulkhead Interactive, Battalion 1944 is a competitive shooter that recaptures the feeling of classic World War II first person shooters. It’s a game that brings things back to basics no airstrikes, no attack dogs or god guns. To succeed, you have to rely on your guns, the impressively fluid movement system and - most importantly - your own skill.

The full release packs in plenty game modes, including 5v5 infantry battles, Capture the Flag, Lone Wolves and Domination, as well as era-appropriate weapons, and a host of maps inspired by different theatres of war.

What’s been added in Battalion 1944: Eastern Front?

The new update expands the Battalion 1944 experience dramatically. Here are just some of the new features included in the update:

  • Competitive matchmaking powered by FACEIT

    • Battlefield 1944: Eastern Front has full integration with FACEIT - a global platform that supports matchmaking, leaderboards, rankings and more. What that means in practical terms is that it’ll be much easier to find a match and connect with like-minded gamers.

  • Russian Faction

    • a whole new faction has been added to the game. You’ll be able to play.

  • 8 new weapons

    • Russian armaments have been added to the game. The full list of new weapons: the PPSH41, PPS43, Mosin Nagant Rifle, Mosin Nagant Scoped, TT-33, Baikal 22, SVT-40 and Fedorov Avtomat.

  • 3 new maps

    • set in Italy, France and Russia, these new maps have been designed to evoke the feel of classic World War II shooters.

  • New game mode: Free for all - lone wolves rejoice! This mode has no squads, no teams - it’s just everyone vs everyone else.

  • Improvements to existing game modes

    • Wartide, Capture the Flag, Domination and Team Death Match have all been updated to be more accessible and rewarding. They also now have audio that reacts to your gameplay.

  • Replays and match history

    • you can now download and play previous matches at high settings. That’s perfect for creating awesome video content. Which you should share it with us on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube - we’d love to see it!

  • Challenges, medals and leaderboards

    • these all make multiplayer more rewarding and fuel competition.

  • Community modding

    • the full game comes with the all-new Battalion 1944 Development Kit, so you can create your own maps.

How do I get Battalion 1944: Eastern Front?

Battalion 1944 is available to buy now on Steam. Simply head over there to pick up the game and get started.

We’ll see you on the Eastern Front!

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