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Thu 5 November 2020by Jakub "Koobs" Klitenik
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Battalion 1944

Battalion 1944 - Collective Memories

This means war

For our last Collective Memories piece it’s only fitting that we look back at one of the developers that were there from the beginning with - Bulkhead Interactive. But instead of The Turing Test we‘re going to look at Bulkhead’s latest release Battalion 1944 a game that brings the core feeling of classic competitive shooters to the current generation of First Person Shooter players.

How did we get here?

When working on the core concepts for Battalion 1944 the team at Bulkhead had one aim: To make a game that was just like the ones they used to play, but just weren’t really available in the modern FPS market. Games with an emphasis on skilful play that was both challenging yet straightforward. The team wanted an FPS in which you didn’t need to grind to unlock overpowered abilities (I’m looking at you Martyrdom and Overkill), but relied on talent, reflexes and knowledge of the maps gained over time – as well, of course, as being able to use the weapon loadouts at your disposal to maximum effect. Bulkhead wanted skill to be king, and instead of reinventing the wheel, they wanted to make sure that this classic gameplay was accompanied with all the trimmings of a modern shooter such as matchmaking, customisation and rankings.

Armed to the Teeth

In Battalion 1944, you have the choice to take up arms from three different factions: America, Germany or the Soviet Union. Jumping into a game will allow you to utilise period weapons such as the Kar98 bolt action rifle or the Thompson sub machine gun, all of which require a different skillset to master. Need to work on your tactics? Then use the in-game replay tool to look at your match history and pull up match statistics. Did you get caught in a bottleneck? Were you possibly flanked? Work out what went wrong and what went right from first-person, third-person and freecam perspectives. Have you exhausted all of them in game modes such as Wartide, 1v1 Duelling or Arcade modes like Capture the flag? Then use mod tools on your own Battalion 1944 server, using a host of custom configuration options. Everything has been put in place to help you improve your skills and climb to the top of the leaderboards.

Collective Memories

What has been your favourite moment in [Battalion 1944](webstore link)? Was it when you clawed back victory from the edge of defeat, or landed that one-in-a-million headshot through a doorway before your enemy even knew you were there? Be sure to share it with us using #CollectiveMemories

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