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Thu October 15, 2020by Jakub "Koobs" Klitenik
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Octahedron – Collective Memories

Take Platforming to the next level

Are you ready for this week Collective Memories about the neon fever-dream that is Octahedron? It’s a psychedelic action platformer that manages to strike a perfect balance between difficulty and accessibility. It might be an old cliché, but Octahedron is easy to pick up… but difficult to master.

Life's simple pleasures...

Alone in a cabin nestled in a quiet part of the woods you enjoy some alone time. Your fire is starting to dwindle and you’re out of firewood to keep the embers alive. So out you set into the forest to replenish your supply. While exploring for usable branches you stumble onto a strange and pulsating light from a strange Octahedron just floating in the middle of the bramble. You need to touch it. You MUST touch it. Slowly you reach, but before you can understand what’s happening, you’re encompassed by a blinding light. Slowly opening your eyes, you find you’ve been transformed and are now levitating in the same spot that the Octahedron previously floated. Suddenly a hole opens below you, and you are dragged into the darkness below...

...Are working out to a fantastic beat!

This is where the game begins. No tutorials, no button prompts, just you, falling. You start to press random buttons and after hitting the right one, a neon platform appears out of thin air. And that is how the game is designed, no intrusion from a random pop up telling you which buttons to press, just carefully designed levels and mechanics that are to be discovered and mastered in your own time. The darkness fades away to reveal the neon-coloured underworld of Veetragoul. You will need to use your newfound power of platform creation to climb and manoeuvre your way out of this subterranean realm. As you climb higher and higher and progress through the levels, new mechanics will be introduced for you to master. It’s up to you to adapt these new skills into your repertoire if you hope to get all of the collectibles, as well as reaching the next stage in one piece – because while you might complete a level, will you be able to really complete it? Not only is the world painted in loud and colourful neon tones, the music throughout is vibrant and uplifting, and the whole game moves to the rhythm of the beat. In Octahedron you will hear tracks from musical maestros such as Chipzel, Andre Sobota and Derek Howell, as well as Monomirror (the one-person developer that created Octahedron). Not only can you easily get lost in the exhilarating beat, you can use it to help aid your progression. Once you’re in the flow you’ll really understand how the enemies and elements within the levels work, helping you to time your movement and work your way through each level.

Collective Memories

Have you had a silky smooth playthrough of an Octahedron level that you want to share? Which track is your favourite? Let us know by posting it onto social with #CollectiveMemories so we can find it.

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