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Square Enix Collective is looking for great new projects and talented teams to work with – whether it’s publishing support for a development that’s already funded, or investment to help the creation of a game, we’re open to a range of partnerships that always based on the developer keeping control on the project, as well as all rights.

The process of understanding whether or not a project is a good fit for what we’re looking for is always tough to explain in a few sentences, but if you think your project would sit easily alongside the likes of PowerWash Simulator and past titles like The Turing Test, Forgotton Anne, Battalion 1944 and Circuit Superstars, then get in touch. Generally speaking we’re interested in best-in-class single-player games that have the potential to maybe even grow beyond one release; or projects that might evolve and grow for an online audience over a period of several years. There aren’t many genres or platforms for games that we don’t consider – though please note that we’re not looking for mobile games.

When you work with us, you’ll get the focus on a team of experts who can help you with production, marketing, community and more – while we work with industry-leading teams within Square Enix to provides services and support (including QA, submission, sales and more). Our ambition at Square Enix Collective is to work with teams on multiple projects, or over many years… but we don’t lock teams into anything, so you’ll always have control over your game and your future.

If you wish to submit to us your Game pitch, have a Press inquiry or if you are a Content creator looking to try our games, please use the below form to get in touch with us.

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