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Square Enix Collective is a division of Square Enix Ltd, based in London, UK, but working with development partners all around the world.

Since 2014 we have provided a range of services to indie teams, including community and crowdfunding support and a range of publishing services. Today, we focus exclusively on investing into teams and games, working with developers to get their games distributed digitally to the widest audience possible, supporting and mentoring them through the process of completing and releasing their treasured creations. As well as investment, we take care of all QA and submission-related work and a range of other practical services over the game’s lifetime.

We also take the lead on marketing and communications (with approval from the indie devs) and help our developers build a go-to-market strategy - from announcement to release - on how to present their games to the media, content creators, streamers, and influencers as well as gamers all around the world.


First announced in 2013, Collective began life as a website launched in 2014 dedicated to helping indie developers build an audience for their games by tapping into the wider Square Enix community via a pitching platform.

Subsequently we worked on sense-checking Kickstarter campaigns and supporting them with awareness-building, helping a number of teams to raise over $1.2m in total. Collective’s first published project was released in 2016, and by the start of 2020 we have published 12 games on multiple platforms, including Battalion 1944, The Turing Test and Forgotton Anne.

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