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Mon October 26, 2015by Square Enix Team
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Goetia will be the first game to be published by Collective!

Square Enix Collective has been supporting indie teams for over two years now – primarily helping them build awareness of their projects so that the community can give feedback and an indication of whether or not they’d support those projects through crowdfunding.

We’ve also supported a number of Kickstarter campaigns directly, by checking out the teams’ capabilities and helping to spread the word – so far helping raise over $650,000.

And we’ve always aimed to complete that support by working with developers on the last bit of the process too - releasing their games! So we’re super excited to be announcing today the first project that will be published by Square Enix Collective – the game is called Goetia, and is being made by France-based Sushee.

You may remember the project – we actually featured the game last year on the Collective website, and supported their Kickstarter earlier in the year. So while we’re talking to all sorts of teams, from all over the world – regardless of whether or not we’ve worked with them before – it’s great that the first publishing project is with a developer we’ve come to know well.

There’s more information about Goetia on the Kickstarter page, but in brief:

Abigail Blackwood is raised from the dead, to take form as a ghost – but when she returns to Blackwood Manor, her former home, only mysteries greet her. Where is her family? Why has she been awoken? What has happened in the Manor since she died…?

The game will release on Steam in early 2016, and we’ll announce a precise date nearer the time.

We’ve also announced the identity of the final Kickstarter campaign we’re supporting for 2015 – Pankapu, by another team from France: Too Kind Studio. It’s a colourful platform adventure… but we’ll post more about that separately – so look out for that!


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