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Thu August 13, 2020by Jakub "Koobs" Klitenik
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Goetia - Collective Memories

A brief look back at Goetia, a 2D Point and Click Adventure

Welcome to Collective Memories, a blog series where we look at previous titles from Square Enix Collective’s back catalogue. With such a wide variety of titles we hope that this will help you find your next favourite indie video game.

This week we look at Square Enix Collective's first published title, Goetia. Please note that we’ve tried to keep spoilers to a minimum, but if you’re truly worried about finding one, we strongly recommend playing Goetia first and then coming back (here’s the store link).

Do you believe in Ghost Stories?

You wake up cold and alone. The only thing you recall right away is that your name is Abigail Blackwood. While you start to explore your surroundings, memories and questions slowly bleed into your consciousness. Where are your family? Your father, mother and sister seemed to have just vanished. You recognise that you’re in the manor’s front yard. Why does everything seem to be so derelict? How are you able to pass through these solid walls and unopened doors? Exploring a little further helps surface more memories, a window ledge that you fell from. Unsure before but certain now, you’re a ghost and a lot of time has passed since your untimely dispatch from the mortal plane. What has happened in the last 40-odd years in your family’s history? What has led to the downfall of Blackwood Manor and who has decided to resurrect your spirit from the grave? Why now? Abigail seems to have no choice in the matter, but that doesn’t mean she can’t do some sleuthing to find the answers she seeks.

Phantom Controls

Being a ghost does have it perks. Sure, Abigail’s memories are a little cloudy and there is the problem of not having a body to hold items in an inventory. But thanks to that, you can travel anywhere without having to worry about the physical restrictions of walls and flooring. That is, if there isn’t a protective barrier in place... Plus, not only can you interact with the environment such as switches and doors, you can possess objects to lift them, use them or even combine them with others. It’s only right that you use your ghostly powers as you see fit. But this leads to a unique conundrum, just because you can travel through walls in your ghostly form does not mean objects can, the rules of physics stills apply to real world objects. If you need a match to light a lamp you going to need to make sure that there is a clear path between the two to do so. Puzzles within the Blackwood Manor and the surrounding areas can be solved in multiple ways, but only if you have found suitable ghostly abilities to help you do so.

Does the concept of Goetia grab you? It’s available to buy on Steam right now.

Collective Memories

Once a week we look back at previous titles published by Square Enix via help from Square Enix Collective. Have you played Goetia, what is your favourite part or fondest puzzle? Be sure to keep in touch with us and share your Collective Memories via the social platforms of your choice.

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