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Tue 5 December 2017by Square Enix Team
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Oh My Godheads
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Oh My Godheads has crash-landed onto PC and Console!

OMG! Action-packed manic local multiplayer game Oh My Godheads is now available on PC, Xbox One and PS4!

Oh My Godheads has been in Early Access on PC since April this year and in that time the developers have had a chance to work on adding finesse, listening to community feedback and making the game as amazing as it can be for full launch. The team have also attended a whole bunch of events across the globe (if you've dropped by to play you may have seen them scribbling down notes whilst you were throwing pies!). 

The development team is a small studio from Spain, called Titutitech. They have massive love for co-op and fighting games, so they decided to bring both passions together to create a frantic, family-friendly masterpiece just in time for the holiday season! 

So find a space on the couch and battle it out in a game of capture-the-head - just like capture-the-flag but with crazy animated heads inspired by mythical gods. Choose between a diverse range of celestial heads and quirky characters, including a dapper penguin who goes by the name of Sir Fishelsworth and a robust skeleton called Dave in this fast-paced, pie-exploding extravaganza! And remember if you have already dived into the Early Access version there are a whole new bunch of heads and levels for you to try out in the full release - don't forget to let the developers know if you have any ideas of Godheads for the future! 

Alongside the launch we have this explosive new trailer to share with you! 

Pick it up now: 



Xbox One

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