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Thu 24 September 2020by Jakub "Koobs" Klitenik
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Oh My Godheads – Collective Memories

Don’t lose your head at this party!

Let’s get the party on with this week’s Collective Memories on Oh My Godheads. We do have to admit ahead of time, it can be hard to set up a primarily couch co-op game while also trying to stay within lockdown regulations of keeping contact with other households to a minimum. But where there’s a will there’s a way, which we’ll explore in more detail later on.

Lore of the land

Now it’s normally at this point in Collective Memories where we try to succinctly describe the story of that week’s title without giving too much away. This is where Oh My Godheads is different; it is ashamedly all about the frantic mayhem of multiplayer. But that’s not to say that the titular Godheads aren’t full of personality they can change how the game is played. Depending on which one you choose, a multitude of crazy effects will follow that can have a dramatic impact on your game. Just because you’ve nabbed the head doesn’t mean you’ll keep hold of it for long, especially if it’s Agyo and he’s getting ready to blow up in your face.

An act of god (Gameplay)

What would any good multiplayer game be without an assortment of game modes? Oh My Godheads does not disappoint with its take on traditional styles of play. From Capture the Head (Capture the Flag where the flag is out to get who ever disturbs its alone time) to King of the Head (King of the Hill where you take the hill with you regardless of whether it wants you to or not…) If you’re playing alone you can take on the Trails - challenges which help unlock more heads and levels while also training you in moves and techniques you will need to be a true Godhead survivor. You can also set up a game against bots to truly learn the lay of the land, perfect your moves and work out the best way to use the environment and Godheads to your advantage.

Couch co-op in a locked down world

With the world we live in today it can be hard to set up a game of Oh My Godheads in a responsible manner, couch co-op can be difficult when you’re trying to keep a physical distance from another person. However, there are systems in place that can help you reach out to others such as Steam’s Remote Play Together or PlayStation 4’s Shared Play features. Utilising these features will open up the possibility of playing with someone else outside of your household (on the same platform). Now it’s by no means as good as having your friends and family around while you subtly (or not so subtly) nudge each other with you elbows, but it’s a good way to get practice in now while we wait for lockdown to ease allowing everyone to meet up again.

Collective Memories

Once a week we look back at previous titles published by Square Enix Collective. You can find links to purchase Oh My Godheads here. Which Godhead is your favourite? Let us know using #CollectiveMemories.

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