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Fri 5 March 2021by Jakub "Koobs" Klitenik

Circuit Superstars - Early Access Available Now

Whoop whoop! Circuit Superstars has been released into Early Access

We’ll keep it short and sweet. Circuit Superstars is available right now to purchase on Steam. Here’s the link to help you save some time. But if you want to discover more about Circuit Superstars, then please read on. But first, enjoy the new Early Access trailer.

What to expect in Early Access

In Circuit Superstars you’ll be able to play through a variety of modes such as Free Play (your standard offline mode), Online (currently in BETA for Early Access) and Time Trials. At the beginning of Early Access you will also be able to choose from six different vehicle categories and drive them around six original tracks. You will have seen some of them in the trailer above and possibly across our different social accounts. What are you looking forward to test driving first? Throughout Early Access, we’ll be adding more content as well tweaking bits in the background here and there to help improve overall performance. With that said, as this is Early Access, there will be bugs. We are very much looking for your feedback to help us deal with them. As is the nature of game development, some bugs might be harder to tackle than others, but we’ll be taking them on as and when we can, though you’ll still be able to have a ton of fun with Circuit Superstars regardless. We can’t wait to hear what you think via the social links below!

Social on the track

Want to learn more about Circuit Superstars? Head over to the official Discord Server right here. http://discord.gg/circuitsuperstars

Here are all the social accounts associated with Circuit Superstars as well, if that is more to your liking.

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