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Thu 8 October 2020by Jakub "Koobs" Klitenik
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Circuit Superstars - The Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition

Wishlist Circuit Superstars now, coming to Steam Early Access Q1 2021. Download the demo now as part of the Steam Game Festival: Autumn!

2020 huh? It’s been a tough year for everyone, and sadly it’s sadly had a knock-on effect on lots of things - including video game development. So let’s rip off the plaster now, we’re sorry to say that the Circuit Superstars release date has slipped into 2021. BUT! We know how much you’re all looking forward to trying out this charming world of motorsport, so we can announce that we’re working with Original Fire Games to bring Circuit Superstars to Early Access on Steam in Q1 2021. Plus, on top of that, we are taking part in the Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition and allowing Steam users access to what would have been our event demo for this year. But be quick - the festival ends on the 13th of October at 6pm BST (10am PDT) sharp. Head to the page now to gain access, plus don’t forget to show your support and add it to your wishlist as well!

The Demo

So, what can you expect from the demo? We have two vehicles ready for you to cruise around the scenic Whistle Valley track – the Vost and the Panther. Try and set the best time you can in the Time Trial mode, where you have the option to adjust the number of laps you’d like to complete. If you wish to have a more realistic experience you can switch on tyre degradation, fuel consumption and vehicle damage for that extra level of difficulty. Also, if you wish to make a pit stop, you’ll be able to (damaged or not, you might just want to say hi to your pit crew). Moreover, there is also 4-player local multiplayer available for you to challenge other members of your household. This feature is compatible with Steam Remote Play as well.

Now here’s a slight disclaimer. We know you want to jump right in and start setting personal best times around Whistle Valley, but before that we want to let you know this demo was created some time ago from a version of the game that has now been significantly updated. Pretty much all areas of the game have evolved in one way or another, so while you’ll be able to get a feel for how the final version will handle, you’ll notice a lot more polish once Early Access launches.

Become a Super Circuit Fan

Did you know that there is a growing community of fans on the official Circuit Superstars Discord server? Over there you’ll see news and announcements before anybody else (such as a definite Early Access date) and get to talk to other fans (even sometimes the devs when they’re not busy tinkering away under the hood). A channel has also been set up to share screenshots of your best times from the demo. It’s never too early to get the practice in against your future competitors. If you don’t have Discord, that’s ok as you can share your best times on the social media platform of your choice. Want to show off what you believe is the perfect line or just let us know how much fun you are having? Then make sure to add #CircuitSuperstars and tag us as well so we can see it.

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