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The Turing Test

The Turing Test – Collective Memories

Are you ready to trust your instincts?

Welcome to this week’s Collective Memories where we look at previous titles from Square Enix Collective’s back catalogue. This week we’re going to SPACE to learn more about First Person Puzzle Adventure, The Turing Test from Bulkhead Interactive.

Good morning, Dave. No, that’s not right

Morning Ava, it’s time to wake from cryostasis, T.O.M. – the Technical Operations Machine – is in need of your help. You play as engineer Ava Turing, part of a research team sent by the International Space Agency (ISA) to excavate and explore Jupiter's moon, Europa. The plan was simple: You were to stay in cryostasis while the other members of the team set up a base on the surface of Europa and begin their research. Once fully set up, Ava was to be awoken to start on her own experiments. However, things did not turn out as planned. Whilst Ava was in stasis, the ground team found an organism that the ISA believes to be dangerous and communication between the base on Europa and the ISA has been lost. You need to head to the surface, find the rest of the crew and re-establish communication with the ISA.

Puzzles only a human could solve

Upon arrival at the base Ava is greeted by multiple trials, obstacles and, most importantly, no crew. According to T.O.M. these rooms are tests that can only be solved by a human, a real-life Turing Test for Ava Turing to muse over. But why are the missing crew trying to impede the progress of a non-human entity? What has happened on the surface of Europa to warrant such a fiendish labyrinth of puzzles? Ava will have to travel deep into the base camp armed with an EMT – Energy Manipulation Tool – solving unique puzzles that use a variety of logic and gameplay mechanics. As you progress further into the different test chambers you will learn how deep the relationship between human and machine really is.

Have you played The Turing Test, and if so, which part stuck with you? If you’ve not had a chance to play yet check out these retail links to purchase The Turing Test on the platform of your choice.

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