Fri February 22, 2019by Duncan Heaney
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Play Boundless for free this weekend

What price can you put on freedom? How’s about the grand total of… nothing?

Boundless, the incredibly open MMO published by Square Enix Collective, is currently enjoying a free weekend on Steam. That means you can play the game right now without spending a penny.

Start playing Boundless now

What is Boundless?

You might not be familiar with Boundless - and truth be told, it’s kind of hard to talk about the game without sounding like one of those inspirational self-help gurus, but here goes…

Imagine a universe where you can be and do anything you want (see what I mean?). That’s Boundless - a subscription-free massively multiplayer game where almost everything is created and controlled by the players.

The level of freedom in this game is honestly awe-inspiring - it really is up to you what you do. For example, you can live a nomadic life, or build a whole city, attract residents and declare yourself Viceroy.

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You can spend your time tinkering, crafting technology that will amaze other players, or set off to explore new worlds and find new civilizations.

Why not open your own shop, and sell the things that you craft. Or even go hunt the weird, dangerous creatures that populate the many and varied worlds (and no - we don’t mean other players).

How long’s it free for?

You can try Boundless for free until 8pm GMT on Sunday February 24. If you like what you play, then now’s a really good time to pick it up - it’s currently 30% off in the Steam Sale.

Then, once you’ve bought it, Boundless is completely subscription-free.

How do I get Boundless?

Simply close your eyes, and wish for a life without limits. Then, when that doesn’t achieve anything, head over to Steam, where you can download the game and get going:

See Boundless on Steam

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