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Thu October 1, 2020by Jakub "Koobs" Klitenik
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Fear Effect Sedna – Collective Memories

Sum of All Fear

Are you ready to challenge fear head on? To take advantage of the ‘Fear Effect’? Let’s start off this spooky season with a Collective Memories look at Fear Effect Sedna, the third title in the series (fourth if you include the unreleased Fear Effect Inferno)

Make your blood run cold

Supernatural horror set in a cyberpunk world. Two genres that would not normally mix, or at least not sit at the same table in the cafeteria, but the Fear Effect series blends them together in a such a way that it is not jarring. Set four years after the first Fear Effect, Sedna returns to find the team has drifted apart. While Hana and Rain are still together and working as mercenaries-for-hire, Glas decided to go back to the US… but over time has let his guilt eat away at him. Deke, while still being friends with Hana and Rain, never felt he got along well enough with them once Glas was gone and decided to spend some time going solo. After being approached by a shadowy organisation Hana takes on the “simple” job of stealing an ancient statuette from the ambassador of China in France. But simple never stays that way for long and Hana ends up crossing paths with her old colleague and bodyguard to the Chinese ambassador, Axel. Destiny will find a way of forcing them to work together and the team, following a lead, heads to the North Pole to learn what happens when science and the supernatural mix

Batten down the hatches

Fear Effect Sedna merges the gameplay styles of a twin stick shooter with a tactical squad-based strategy game. Using your team, you can direct everyone on the field to certain points of interest and to target at enemies whose main goal is to stop you. Use a member of a team as a distraction and you can exploit the enemies lowered defences and target them from behind. In battle you take advantage of the Fear Effect, when members of team take damage their senses heighten and they become emboldened - leading them to dish out more damage! But it’s a double-edged sword, as they will also suffer more damage as well. Sometimes fighting head-on isn’t the best strategy and stealth becomes key in bypassing the overwhelming odds against you. In-between fights you’ll find a smorgasbord of puzzles, allowing to centre yourself in a call back to the original games.

Collective Memories

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