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Black The Fall – Collective Memories

Freedom is control

Welcome to this week’s Collective Memories where we look at previous titles from Square Enix Collective’s back catalogue. This week we look at puzzle-platformer Black The Fall from Sand Sailor Studio.

Escape from Communism

After years upon years of toil, an old machinist sees an opportunity develop. A small window for a chance to escape the tyrannical regime that everyone is held under. By manipulating his surroundings, he is able to sneak through the shadows, traverse hidden passages and attempt to stay ahead of his oppressors. During this daring escape the machinist finds and befriends an unlikely companion, an abandoned little robot. Will they be able to escape this bleak world, moving across the landscape of a huge but crumbling nation? Making their way through industrial estates, train yards and menacing research labs, will they be able to find the escape they seek?

Focused like a laser

You, as the player, guide the machinist through the hazardous terrain. With a limited arsenal (consisting only of your wits and the surrounding environment) you must help aid his escape. Be it utilising a pipe belching out fire to destroy a gun turret that has its sights set firmly on you, to using the burnt and crispy shell of said gun turret to then break down a barrier barring your path. As you advance you gain another tool to help you, a laser pointer designator, that allows you to guide your fellow citizens that have been conditioned to follow it. The path to your escape is not without consequence - while you must make use of your fellow workers skills, you cannot bring them with you. For you to escape, you must be selfish and look out for yourself first. Freedom is control. Progressing further sees you becoming acquainted with a discarded little robot. The new bonds that the two of you form will allow you to use the plucky little robot to help get closer to your goal. Your new companion will be able to offer their assistance as a platform or even a distraction. Will the two of you be able to flee the grasp of the tyrants that rule over all? Will you be able to escape the Blackness that follows you or Fall into its grasp?

Collective Memories

Once a week we look back at previous titles published by Square Enix Collective. Have you attempted an escape in Black The Fall? Which part resonated with you? If you haven’t had the chance to play yet follow this link (add link to shop section of gamepage) to purchase Black The Fall on your choice of platform. Keep in touch with us and share your experience with the hashtag #CollectiveMemories

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