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Thu 12 November 2020by Jakub "Koobs" Klitenik
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Collective Wisdom

Learning is a lifelong process and we’re here to share what we’ve learnt with you.

One of our core objectives at Square Enix Collective is supplying advice to indie video game developers around the world (it’s true... we even stated it here). But what many don’t realise, is that the support we offer, isn’t limited to just the developers that we are working with. So, to help further our reach, we are introducing new segment called Collective Wisdom.

Sharing is Caring

Collective Wisdom will be a bi-weekly segment in which we talk to people in the industry (both publishers and developers) about the most common questions we get from new teams and individuals looking to make their first steps into game development. As the gaming industry is so vast, there’s rarely one single definite or correct answer, but we hope we’ll be able to shed light and give context on a few things – which might help you along your path to releasing that next big project.

We want to make sure that the content we publish out also matters - and this is where you come in. Bombard us with your questions*. We already have a couple that we will answer but we want even more. As a famous saying goes, “if you ask it, it’ll be hopefully answered”. Ok we know that isn’t even close, but we hope you get the gist. The more you ask us, the more likely we will be able to find the solutions to the questions you crave to have answered.

Send us your questions for explosive answers

Till next week

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be looking at game pitches. The dos and don’t, when is the best time to post them and how to post them. We might even have some special guest writers. But just because we’ve got upcoming content doesn’t mean you can’t ask a specific question, so be sure to message us. You can be a fledgeling solo dev looking to make your first game. You could be a team with a couple of years of experience and just want to reconfirm some info you have. Heck, you might not even be part of the industry yet and want to learn more as you start to take your first steps into game development. We want to hear from everybody. Check out our list of different platforms you can use to get in touch with us on, we can’t wait to hear from you.

*Although… please don’t ask us about future Square Enix releases, or Final Fantasy, and so on – this is for folks looking to learn more about the games industry 😉

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