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Thu 29 October 2020by Jakub "Koobs" Klitenik
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Boundless - Collective Memories

The potential applications seemed as boundless as the human imagination

What do you get when you combine the amazing creativity of voxel building games (Minecraft, Dragon Quest Builders) with a vast player-driven MMORPG (No Man’s Sky, EVE Online)? You’ll find that you’re Boundless (insert drum sting here, da dum chh).

To the windows. To the wall. To the stars, let your totem get you to them all

Hello citizen. It’s time for you to leave the sanctum and join the Great Transmigration. You are to join thousands of others to ensure the survival of your people. Build, collect and travel across the Known Worlds. Who knows what you will find, maybe you’ll uncover the mysteries of the Oort who came before you.

Let your imagination run riot

How you play in Boundless is up to you. While I joked about being Boundless in the opening paragraph it’s actually true in terms of what is available to do. If you can imagine it, you can do it within the known worlds. Fancy becoming Indiana Jones and exploring forests, caves and mountains to see what natural treasures they contain? Go ahead and spelunk away. Want to become an architect and create wonders that everyone travels from miles around to admire? Construct till your heart's content. How about a merchant selling exotic wares from far flung places? Build your shop and set your prices, and decide whether you’ll stock everything there is in the game, or specialise in certain areas… all the while, keeping an eye on the competitors to make sure your prices are competitive! All you need to do is learn the basics and then the worlds are your oyster.

A vast and Boundless community

We all must start somewhere but luckily you don’t need to start alone. Any MMO worth its salt allows you to join friends and start your own adventures and Boundless is no different. Maybe you can begin the monster hunting guild you wanted to do since you where children? As you explore the world every structure you see has been created by another player, from cathedrals to castle towers, sprawling cities and even portal hub networks that will allow you to travel seamlessly to other planets. If you join the Boundless Discord server you’ll be able to find a welcoming community that will be able to help you. Who knows you might even make some new friends on your journey.

Collective Memories

Where you begin is up to you. But a good first step is to purchase Boundless if you haven’t already. Then you can either jump in totem first and learn the ropes with the in-game tutorials or join the Discord Server and talk to members of the community and learn tips and tricks from them. Once you’ve explored the Known Worlds why not share your favourite locations or if you’re a veteran your most exquisite creations using #CollectiveMemories

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